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Technology Partners

3D Mapping Solutions GmbH

Founded in 2007 and based in Holzkirchen and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania/USA, 3D Mapping Solutions GmbH is one of the leading experts in the fields of high-accuracy kinematic surveying of public roads, proving grounds, race tracks and rough road test tracks of any kind. In addition, the high-end kinematic engineering surveying of railway tunnels or subway networks are core competences.High-precision as built-plans are exported into appropriate formats including all objects, attributes and the complete, complex topological structure and thus may be used directly for customer applications. Examples are the use of high-fidelity maps as in-car reference for autonomous driving developments, simulation for vehicle dynamics development and driving simulation on digital twins of complete road networks.


atlatec GmbH

atlatec is a research-oriented 3D mapping company based in Karlsruhe, Germany. The company creates high fidelity 3D maps with nothing but cameras and GPS. Maps can be used for autonomous driving, for validating ADAS and for use in simulations such as CarMaker, VIRES VTD, CarSim and PreScan.  


TrianGraphics GmbH

TrianGraphics is specialized in the generation of digital landscapes and their real-time visualization. The company's flag-ship product Trian3DBuilder, a software to create detailed landscapes of unlimited size, has unique features for automatic creation of highly accurate road networks with intersections based on real data. Functions for generic and geotypical texture generation, object placement, material and sensor classification, as well as the construction of buildings and airports are also part of the software. The databases output is available in a variety of standard formats. These include OpenFlight, FBX, OSG, OpenDRIVE  and many more. In addition to developing software products, TrianGraphics provides services for cross-platform track and terrain modelling, construction of complex 3D models, and software development for simulation applications.


University of Stuttgart - High Performance Computing Center (HLRS)


FrontMod GmbH

FrontMod was founded in 2018 and is devoted to modelling ADAS sensors for automotive applications. The generation of sensor models for SIL and HIL applications and supporting clients with their EMC-validation of sensors and control units are the company’s main fields of business.


aSR advanced Simulated Reality GmbH

aSR advanced Simulated Reality GmbH is a startup for the development of the next generation driving simulators. The aSR Motorsport and Driving Simulator is an attractive and modular compact simulator with maximum flexibility in view of field of application and corporate design.

The objective is a wide range of applications, for example as training device in motorsports, as tool in the virtual vehicle development or as demonstrator for the experience of driving assistance systems at dealerships. The range of services includes production, worldwide distribution, exclusive software solutions, rentals and promotion and maintenance for simulators.

Based in Southern Germany and with an experienced team in the field of simulation, aSR GmbH is a reliable partner for the automotive industry.


ESI Group

ESI Group is a leading innovator in Virtual Prototyping software and services. ESI's Pro-SiVIC is a virtual prototyping platform, which allows you to carry out physically realistic 3D simulations of environments and sensors, like those used in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), including infrastructures, road users, vehicle dynamics and multi-technology perception sensors, in a completely virtual environment.


Algedonic Loop GmbH

Algedonic Loop GmbH offers solutions for the traceable provision and use of data in development and validation of automated driving: The core activity of the company is the development of technological platforms, architectures and formats for efficient and verifiable networking of data and meta-data suppliers, users, validators and auditors. Through the use of advanced cryptographic methods, permanently verifiable traceability chains are created which can serve as the basis for verification proofs in approval processes.


SCMT Steinbeis Center of Management and Technology GmbH

For more than 20 years, the Steinbeis Center of Management and Technology (SCMT GmbH) has stood for successful transfer and expert knowledge, for the recruitment of junior executives, for the demand-oriented further development of high potentials in the company and the implementation of more than 3500 projects in the consulting sector. In doing so, we rely on three decisive pillars.


All of our programs and services are offered with objectivity, authenticity, and in an effort to provide you with the best. All of our efforts and collaborations with our partner companies and Steinbeis network professors, coaches, and consultants are furthermore always aimed at helping you and your company to succeed. And the result are projects with concretely measurable added value. Knowledge creates advantages as does the application of the same which is what we strive for.

These kinds of advantages can only be achieved together with people who keep an open mind, are not afraid of challenges, and who will always strive to identify the best solutions.


FKFS - Research Institute of Automotive Engineering and Vehicle Engines Stuttgart

The FKFS is an independent research institute and development partner of the international automotive industry with highly specialized test benches, test facilities and excellent know-how. With a diameter of 5.5 m, the dome of the Stuttgart driving simulator provides space for a vehicle mockup of an entire passenger car chassis.


Porsche Engineering Services GmbH