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Our Mission:

"Make Autonomous Driving a Reality!"


Our Inspiration:



New forms of cooperation are necessary to turn the vision of autonomous driving and fully connected mobility systems into reality in the near future. 

Technologically, these trends are being driven by the increasing deployment of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), automated driving functions, digitization and connectivity. 

Simulation and VR technologies could be a key enabler to ensure a fast-paced, safe and cost-efficient vehicle development process by controlling the growing complexity, variety and number of systems and functions.



Our ENVITED Environment pools and promotes the expertise and networking of players from business and science in the field of virtual driving simulation and connected mobility systems.

As an open and international marketplace for research, technology, innovation and communication, the project reinforces the future-oriented R&D area for vehicles and mobility concepts at different levels of automation.

This includes all computer-based development techniques and research approaches for the functional design, confirmation, validation, homologation and demonstration of system components all the way to overall systems in a virtual world.



The aim of the ENVITED community is to establish a marketplace for dialogue and synergies between experts from the fields of mobility, research and Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

As operator, the Automotive Simulation Center Stuttgart e.V. bundles and promotes the individual activities and serves as an independent competence center.

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Our Environment:


The ENVITED Data Market offers the chance to provide, share, buy and/or sell technology modules for R&D.

It increases the visibility of the partners and offers the opportunity for new business models.

The ENVITED Innovation Hub promotes open and collaborative innovation processes involving the interaction of all stakeholders in the various disciplines.


The ENVITED Career Channel promotes the professional quality and strength of the expert community in a sustainable manner.